Biggest snakes Surprising facts

It is a well-known fact that snakes are limbless, highly elastic and quite large. Around 2895 species of this reptile have been identified, out of which around 405 are said to be poisonous.
The diet of snakes varies. They can eat various rodents, termites, birds, frogs, other reptiles and even people. A snake tends to eat its victim whole.
It has the ability to eat a victim that is nearly thrice bigger in width as compared to its head. Owing to the mysterious aura that surrounds these reptiles, people have always been interested in knowing more about them. We are now going to discuss five of the largest snakes that have been identified across the globe.
Commencing the list with the fifth position, we have the Titanoboa snake, which is around 43ft long. Its length is comparable to the size of an average bus. This snake is said to have lived in the tropical forest situated in Columbia around 60 million years ago.Bushmaster viper is the snake on the fourth position. With a length of up to 14ft, this snake is also poisonous.
 It resides in the forests and bushes from the region of Costa Rica to the Amazon basin. They are rose brown in color, which is in accordance with their habitat.
Proceeding with the list, we have the African rock python on the third position. While the average length of this reptile is around 12ft if it is an adult, there is confirmed evidence that snakes of length 22ft also exist.
These are rather strong snakes that tend to have a violent streak. Commonly residing in Africa, this is a snake that will eat everything it can wrap around, which would be quite a bit considering its length.
The snake that has found its place on the second position of our list is the Burmese python. The typical average length of an adult snake of this species is around 14ft, but snakes as long as 24ft also exists of which confirmed evidence is present.
Lastly, we come to the snake that is the largest you can expect to come across on the face of this earth, which is the green anaconda.
Residing in the swamps of Latin America, the normal length of this snake is around 16 to 18ft. The longest snake of this species that has existed measures around 28ft, while the heaviest has a weight of around 545 lbs.
For centuries, people have been rather intrigued with this reptile and have made an effort to know more about it.
However, due to the danger that some of them pose, studies that have been done in regards to them are rather limited. Quite a bit of secrets are still left to be unraveled.
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